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Network Marketing Success is a story of Survivals

It's not just the money - I'm convinced no other business model could have given me the lifestyle i enjoy today. and the dear friendships I've developed with people around the world adds a richness and texture to my life that's beyond compare.
there is no question that the lifestyle of a career network marketer is enviable. i love my life, and i love network marketing. i believe, however, that the most important thing that happens to us in network marketing is not necessarily what we achieve or accumulate, but what and who we become. if we embrace its principles, network marketing forces us to grow our strength of character and professionalism in order to grow business. this growth evolves naturally from leaving our comfort zone, motivating ourselves to become the  best that we can be, and helping others do the same. unlike the corporate business model where employees depend on the employer and where people must compete with each other in order to adva…